Burley Refurbs 2
Sold Out
Project Return
10 Months

UOWN are raising £160,000 from the crowd for the refurbishment and fit-out of three properties. These two-bedroom properties will have basement refurbishments to increase the number of bedrooms, as well as renovations of the upper floors. The properties are planned to be sold to the owner-occupier market.

This project will pay a 12% per annum return, and this will be rolled up and paid upon completion. We expect the project to take ten months - resulting in a 10% return. Building works will start in July 2022 and are expected to last four months, after which we have allowed a further six months to sell the properties. The diversified nature of this investment spreads the risk and mitigates against lower returns.

Good Transport Links
High Yields
Near Good School

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69 Beechwood View, LS4 2LP